Article 1: Name and registered office
Article 2: Objects
Article 3: Members
Article 4: Official Languages
Article 5: Board
Article 6: World Congress for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (WCPID)
Article 7: Finances
Article 8: Non-profit-making character

Article 1: Name and registered office

The name of the Confederation is:
World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (WSPID) .
The office of the WSPID will be situated in the place of the Secretary

Article 2: Objects

  1.  To promote a global exchange among people who have special experience and/or interest in the field of pediatric infectious diseases (PID): these activities consist of teaching and training including exchange appointments and collaborative  research.
  2. To promote the growth of PID in developing countries and to promote the study and teaching of infections in those countries.
  3. To organize a 2-yearly scientific meeting, the World Congress for Pediatric Infectious Diseases) preferably in regions that can assemble colleagues of developing countries for which otherwise chosen sites would involve long distance trips and to facilitate thereby global exchange of knowledge and science.
  4. To create a global network of PID societies for exchange of information and knowledge between the societies.
  5.  To facilitate communication between societies by installing a WSPID website for general information, discussion and for active input of each participating society.
  6. To be an overall institution for cooperation with other national and international organizations (Societies, Committees, Agencies, Industry, Congress Organizers).


Article 3: Members
National and international Societies for PID can be members of the Confederation.  Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Board for approval. Each society will pay a yearly contribution, the height of which to be determined by the Board of the WSPID.
Members of the individual national and international societies will be automatically members of the WSPID.


Article 4: Official Language
The official language is English.


Article 5: Board
5.1. Composition of the Board
The Board is formed by two delegates each of PIDS, ESPID, SLIPE, ASPID, a distinct PID society of Africa and of Australia. The delegates are appointed by their Society, represent their Society and are held to report to their Society.
In total the Board has maximal twelve members, including four officers - the President, the Vice-president, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
In addition, other members may be invited to attend board meetings at the discretion of the President, including committee members and the organizers of the next World Congress.
5.2. Elections
  1. Board members are appointed by their individual societies.
  2. The term of office for all Board members is normally four years. Board members remain in office until re-elections are held.
  3. Board members are mandated to take decisions.
  4. Board members choose the President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer from their midst.
  5. The posts of Secretary and Treasurer are open for re-election for one term (or less, e.g. minimal one year), the posts of the other officers (President, Vice-president) are not open for re-election.
  6. A board member who has served the board for four years may be elected for the post of president, secretary or treasurer for one term and vice versa.
  7. Society-representatives who have served on the Board previously may be re-elected after an interruption period of minimal four years.
  8. The Board can install committees for certain tasks, e.g. Award Committee, International Scientific Committee; committee members are nominated by the Board; the term of office of committee members is normally four years with the possibility of reappointment for one term for the chairman and on special request of the board. Committee members who have served on a Committee previously may be re-elected after an interruption period of minimal four years.
  9. Installation and replacement of board members will take place during the board meeting at the World Congress.

5.3. Tasks of the Board members

  1. The President is responsible to the Confederation for carrying out decisions taken.  He/she chairs the Board meetings. For any special or general purposes the President may delegate matters normally dealt with by him/herself as President to the Vice-president.
  2. The Vice-president shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.  
  3. The Secretary is entrusted with the administrative duties of the Confederation and is held to present a secretarial report once-yearly to be approved by the Board.
  4. The Treasurer is entrusted with financial matters and is held to present a financial report once-yearly to be approved by the Board.
  5. If the President, Vice-president, Secretary or Treasurer resign or are prevented in any way from completing their term of office, the Board will choose one of the other Board members as acting President, Vice-president, Secretary or Treasurer, respectively.

5.4. Board meetings
Board meetings shall be held during the World Congress, and yearly by conference calls or during another big meeting (e.g. ICAAC, IDSA, ESPID). Regular electronic discussions will be organized by the discussion forum for Board members on the WSPID website in order to keep all Board members involved and informed.
Notification together with the agenda will be given in writing to Board members at least one month before the date of the Board meeting. The Secretary is responsible for the preparation of the minutes, which shall be signed by him/her and by the President.

5.5. Decisions and voting
Any decisions shall be taken on the basis of the largest vote. In the case of an election, the candidate receiving the largest number of votes will be elected. In the case of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote if he/she doesn’t vote at first.

5.6. Communication with the members (the participating societies)
The individual Societies, represented in the Board may be consulted by their individual representatives for final decision making.
Decisions and reports will be communicated to the individual member-societies by written report. All decisions and reports will be published on the WSPID website.


Article 6: World Congress for Pediatric Infectious Diseases
The World Congress is convened by the President of the Confederation. If the President is prevented in any way from this task, the Vice-president will take this task.
The World Congress will normally be held once in two years
The location of the World Congress is upon decision of the Board after proposals from Societies.
The organization of the World Congress will be a combined task of the Board, the local PID Society of the country where the World Congress will be held and a professional international congress bureau, approved by the Board. The final responsibility for the organization of the World Congress remains at the Board.


Article 7: Finances
7.1 Board. The activities of the WSPID must be financed from the profit of the World Congress. The proposal for budget and expenditure of the Board must be made by the Treasurer once-yearly and approved by the Board.
7.2. World Congress. The organization of the World Congress must be exclusively financed from income of registration fees and sponsor money and may not exceed the budgetary funds of that World Congress. Sponsor money from Companies is raised in the name of the WSPID and serve as support for the organization of the meeting.
Contracts between Companies should be signed by the President and/or Treasurer of the Board and the Company.
The Board must approve the budget of the World Congress made by the Congress bureau.
Any surplus of the World Congress will be shared by the WSPID, the local organizing PID Society and the mother societies as follows:
     a.   When the profit is < USD 50.000:
              i.        share 50% - 50% for hosting society and WSPID
     b.           When the profit is USD > 50.000-100.000:
              i.        USD 30.000 for the hosting society
              ii.       the rest for WSPID
     c.           When the profit is USD > 100.000:
              i.        USD 30.000 for the hosting society,
              ii.       USD 5000.- for each mother society to have a reimbursement for the costs made 
              iii.      the rest for WSPID.
Under the following conditions:
     d.           The money for the hosting society can only be given:
             i.        for local educational or research projects
             ii.       after presenting a proposal to the board
              iii.      with report to the board after spending.
7.3. Congress bureau. A professional international congress bureau must be contracted for management of organization, financial and touristic matters of the World Congress. The congress bureau is held to present a budget proposal, to be approved by the Board and thereafter signed by a detailed contract.  The Board members may consult their mother societies before approving the budget proposal. The congress bureau is held to provide the Board once-yearly with a progress report.
Amendments to the approved budget can only be made by the Board upon information of the congress bureau.


Article 8: Non-profit-making character
a. WSPID exclusively and directly pursues non-profit-making objectives.
b. Any funds must be used for the purposes of the Confederation.
c. Any funds should be used for these purposes within a reasonable time period as judged by the Board, allowing for the need to maintain a reasonable reserve fund to protect the Confederation’s interests and liquidity.
d. Board members of WSPID shall not receive any profit, shares or any other financial benefits from the funds of WSPID in their capacity as members, apart from travel expenses where this is appropriate. If they cease to be Board members or if the Confederation is dissolved, members shall not otherwise be entitled to the assets of WSPID. No person will awarded administrative expenses against activities other than those directly related to the business and objectives of WSPID, nor receive disproportionately high or unrelated remuneration of any other kind.
e. All officers of WSPID work in an honorary capacity. Commercial business in their capacity as officers of WSPID is not permitted.
f. If WSPID is dissolved, or if its purposes otherwise become invalid, all assets shall be assigned to the members (the societies), which shall use them exclusively and directly for non-profit making purposes.
g. The revenues office, responsible for the registered office of the Confederation, shall be informed as to amendments to the Articles of the Confederation.

January 25th, 2008

Item 7.2 is valuable from 14th November 2007 on and is applicable for the 5th World Congress in Bangkok (November 15-18, 2007)